Filmmaker, Artist, Illustrator

In a career spanning over 4 decades, three-time Academy Award nominee and Pulcinella Lifetime Achievement Award winner Gerald Potterton has built an international reputation for excellence in filmmaking. The films he has created, produced, directed, or written, whether live-action or animation have won critical acclaim and popular approval from audiences around the world.

Gerald also likes to paint dramatic landscapes inspired by the scenery around his home in Quebec's pastoral Eastern Townships, as well as highly detailed and accurate aviation subjects.

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Trailer for Gerald's iconic film "Heavy Metal"

Seven Decades Of Animation: The Rock & Roll Career Of ‘Heavy Metal’ Director Gerald Potterton

Cartoon Brew featured Gerald Potterton with a profile on his career in their recent July 13/22 article. Click the link below to read.

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  • Films

    Gerald Potterton's lifelong film career has included many iconic projects over the years. Some of his most famous works include:

    "The Railrodder" (1965) with silent film star Buster Keaton

    "The Rainbow Boys" (1973) with British film star Donald Pleasance

    "Heavy Metal" (1981), an iconic animated film that still inspires a cult following

    "The Christmas Cracker" (1963), nominated for an Academy Award & won a 1964 Golden Gate Award

  • Awards

    Gerald Potterton was nominated for an Academy Award three times, twice in 1962 for "Christmas Cracker" and "My Financial Career" & again in 1971 for "The Selfish Giant"

    In 2008 Gerald Potterton was awarded the Pulcinella Lifetime Achievement Award for excellence in animation.
    In September, 2002 he was invited to Iola, Kansas to receive The Buster Award at the Buster Keaton Celebration, an award given for "professional excellence in the tradition of Buster Keaton."