Current project: A Stage Too Far Writer
Live-action feature comedy
Potterton Studios
Current project: Peter Piper and the Plane People Creator/Director
Animated children's series
Pascal Blais Studio
1954  Animal Farm  Assistant Animator
Animated feature film produced by Louise de Rochemont;
Halas and Batchelor Cartoon Films, London, England
1954  Huff and Puff  Director
National Film Board of Canada for Royal Canadian Air Force
Honourable Mention, Eighth Annual Canadian Film Festival, Toronto, Canada
1955  Fish Spoilage Control  Director
10 min. animation
National Film Board of Canada for Dept of Fisheries
Blue Ribbon Award, American Film Festival, New York
1956 It’s A Crime Director
National Film Board of Canada for Federal Dept. of Labour Diploma of Honour, Locarno Film Festival, Locarno, Switzerland
Diploma, 3rd Int'l Industrial & Labour Film Festival, Belgium
First Prize, Labour Film Festival, Berlin, Germany
1957  Follow That Car  Director/Design
10 min. animation for Shell, Great Britain
1957  The Energy Picture  Director
15 min. animation for British Petroleum
1960-61 Lars Calonius Productions  Art Director
Leading New York commercial studio
1962  My Financial Career Director/Design
8 min. animation, National Film Board
36th Annual Academy Awards, nomination for Best Animated Film, Hollywood
International Film Festival, San Francisco
Blue Ribbon Award, Literature in Films Category
6th American Film Festival, New York
"an imaginative look at a  celebrated item of Canadian literature"
Montreal Star
1963  The Ride Concept/Director/Actor
6 min live-action short, NFB
Diploma, Children's Film Festival, La Biennale Di Venizia
1963  Napoleon Clip Concept/Director/Actor
Live-action short for Montreal Film Festival
1964  Centennial Clips Concept/Director
Live-action & animation, NFB for Centennial Commission
Most Original Script Award, Society of Filmmakers, Montreal
1964  Money to Burn Concept/Director
NFB for Federal Dept of Forestry
Best Public Service TV commercial, Canadian Film Awards, Toronto
1964  Christmas Cracker Writer/Director
9 min. animation, NFB
Nomination, Best Short Animation, Academy Awards, Hollywood
First Prize, San Francisco Film Festival
First Prize, Animation Category, Rome; International Award
1965  The Railrodder Writer/Director/Editor
27-min. live-action theatrical, starring Buster Keaton
National Film Board of Canada
Special Mention, Berlin Film Festival, Berlin, Germany
Outstanding Film of the Year, London Film Festival, London, England
Prix Femina, Belgium
Certificate of Merit, Canadian Film Awards, Toronto, Canada
"Canada's only entry in the West Berlin Film Festival, The Railrodder, had the audience roaring with laughter and well-earned applause."
Reuters News Agency
"Too bad that Mr Keaton could not have been there to hear the applause - this film comes as close to capturing his classic film The General as anything he has done in 35 years - it is good to see him in this witty and charming picture."
Bosley Crowther, New York Times
1966  Cool McCool M Animator/Director
Children's animated series for NBC-TV TV Cartoons, London
1967  The Quiet Racket Director
10-min. live-action,  NFB
1968  Pinter People Producer/Director
One-hour live-action & animation special on Harold Pinter
Potterton Productions for NBC-TV
Gold Hugo (Best of Festival) and Silver Hugo (Best in Network Entertainment), Chicago Int'l Film Festival
George Foster Peabody Award, New York
Special Jury Prize (Last to Go), Annecy Film Festival "An intentionally unorthodox documentary"
Jack Gould, New York Times
"Playwright Harold Pinter has never been more engagingly presented on the tube."
"The sketches completely engaged the viewer's attention and were beautifully interspersed with filmed shots of London and Londoners."
Time magazine
1968  Yellow Submarine  Animator
Animated Beatles theatrical feature, United Artists
1968  The Trade Machine Director/Design
10 min. animated film for Place Bonaventure
Potterton Productions
1969  Superbus Writer/Director/Producer
NFB, Panavision short for Canadian Pavilion, Expo '70 in Osaka, Japan
"A convincing portrait of a wonderful land inhabited by wonderful people - perhaps the
picture of the Canadians is idealized but it never looks it."

John Canaday, New York Times
1970  The Charge of the Snow Brigade Writer/Director/Producer
6-min. live-action comedy theatrical
Potterton Productions
1970  Tiki-Tiki Producer/Director
75-min. live-action/animation feature
Potterton Productions
Best Art Direction, Canadian Film Awards
"a circus of humour, excellent animation - hip and knowing, it should find easy release anywhere.",
"Let me recommend Tiki-Tiki - the animation is delightful, ranging from just clever to absolutely brilliant."
Montreal Star
1970  CBC-TV  Vignettes Concept/Director
Series of live-action/animation comedy shorts.
1971  Sesame Street Concept/Director
Various live-action/animated spots.
1971  The Electric Company Concept/Director
Animated spots with the voices of Bob & Ray
1972-3  The Rainbow Boys Writer/Director
90-min. Panavision feature starring Donald Pleasence and Kate Reid
Potterton Productions
Best Foreign Feature, Atlanta Film Festival, Atlanta, Georgia
"The Rainbow Boys succeeds because of its sheer quirkiness and the fact that it does not take itself too seriously.";
Time magazine
1974  The One Man Band That Went to Wall Street Director/Design
Animated short for New York Stock Exchange.
1974-5  The Remarkable Rocket Director
Half-hour animated special for Reader's Digest, New York
Narrated by David Niven
Potterton Productions
1976-7  Raggedy Ann and Andy Sequence & Associate Director
Animated feature for I.T.T.  (with Richard Williams)
20th Century Fox, Los Angeles
1978  Canada Vignettes Director
National Film Board of Canada
1979-81  Heavy Metal Director
Animated feature for Columbia Pictures
Golden Reel Award, Top Box Office Film, 1981-82
Canadian Distributors Association
"Heavy Metal is the animated equivalent of Star Wars -  a visual feast."
Daily News, Los Angeles
"Funny, raunchy, erotic, lurid, violent, hallucinatory, Heavy Metal is an animated feature-length adventure fantasy in a class by itself.:
"Comic terrifying and erotic."
Time magazine
1983  The Awful Fate of Melpomenus Jones Director
Animated short based on a Stephen Leacock story
National Film Board of  Canada
1984-5  George and the Star Concept/Director/Design
Half-hour animated TV Christmas special with music by Paul Anka
Potterton Studios & Canadian International Studios
Gemini Award Nominations:
Best Animated Program and Best Music Composition
Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television
"an animated treat with zing - a refreshing departure from the holiday syrup that saturates the screen."
1985-6 The Ghost Ship Director/Storyboard
Half-hour TV special narrated by Vincent Price
Les Studios Potterton Inc
1987-90  Smoggies! and Smoggies II Creator/Co-Author/Director
53-episode half-hour children's animation series
Cinar (Canada) & Initiale Films (France) co-production
"Every now and then a new show comes along that is so timely, so right,
that you want to stand up and cheer it. That's how you feel with Smoggies!"

Janice Kennedy, TV Times
1990-92  Director: The Runaway Teapot, Happy Birthday and Baa Baa Black Sheep
Three episodes from "Favourite Songs" animated TV series
Produced by Cinar Films
1993-94  The Energy Picture & Energy II Director
Animation sequences for two half-hour educational films
Produced by Media Cinema, Toronto
1996  Willy Bee Design/Director
Animated children's series
Willy Bee Ltd.,  U.K
1998  The Magic Orchid Co-Writer/Director
Animated stop-motion puppet feature
TV Cartoons, U.K. & Nukufilm, Estonia
1999   Albert & Atom Creator/ Director/Writer
Animated children's series
Potterton Studios with Punch! International & Tube Images
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